It's not just the solidity and density of our eggs that makes them exceptional.

The chocolate in our eggs is CasaLuker's 'Cacao Fino de Aroma', in Criollo, Trinitarian, Noche and Nevado varieties, sourced from Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. The meticulous selection of ingredients creates the unique sensorial profile characteristic to CasaLuker's chocolate, using 100% cocoa butter and natural vanilla. Only around 8% of the cocoa produced in the world is 'Cacao Fino de Aroma', which describes cocoa with 'an exquisite aroma and flavour' as classified by the International Cocoa Organisation, (ICCO).

The Luker cocoa company are heavily involved in cocoa growing research and education and have direct relationships with small growers, cooperatives and coffee grinders, making the supply chain shorter, and guaranteeing quality, traceability and volume. The Fundaçion Luker is a private non-profit organisation with the aim of contributing to improving the quality of life of the people of Manizales, Colombia (known as Manizaleños) and fostering social development.

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Remember the crushing disappointment of biting into your Easter egg only to find it full of air? It doesn’t have to be like that. In 2012 we decided to roll up our sleeves and create the SOLIDARITY MOVEMENT.

Solid Egg's no mere shell of a thing. It's not some highly-decorated chocolate balloon of empty promises. There's nowt 'mini' about our eggs. No - when we say solid we mean honest-to-goodness, blue-collar SOLID.

540 grams of densely filled cocoa-centric honesty; hand-made in the Midlands to our own specification, in a unique mould with no-nonsense hand finished packaging.

It's not designed for kids, but we're not telling you you can't share - just be aware that you might have to keep your egg in a safe place. Denial comes easily to children...and some adults. Sharing does not.

Solid Egg is the #sideprojectyoucaneat of creative team Inkymole, aka Sarah Coleman and Leigh Adams of the Midlands, UK.

For over 20 years we've had ideas and stayed up all night to make them real; Solid Egg, once conceived, had to become a reality, and has sold out every year since its production since 2012. We continue to poke around in the blurry bits where illustration, music, food, art and ideas bang together to make stuff.

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